File access error messagesΒΆ

The following messages can be returned in the error property.

File or folder does not exist

The file or folder does not exist, but the parent folder exists.

File or folder already exists

The file or folder already exists.

I/O device is not open

An I/O operation was attempted on a file that was closed.

Read past EOF

Attempt to read beyond the end of a file.

Conversion error

The content of the file cannot be converted to Unicode.

Partial multibyte character found

The character encoding of the file data has errors.

Permission denied

The OS did not allow the attempted operation.

Cannot change directory

Cannot change the current folder.

Cannot create

Cannot create a folder.

Cannot rename

Cannot rename a file or folder.

Cannot delete

Cannot delete a file or folder.

I/O error

Unspecified I/O error.

Cannot set size

Setting the file size failed.

Cannot open

Opening of a file failed.

Cannot close

Closing a file failed.

Read error

Reading from a file failed.

Write error

Writing to a file failed.

Cannot seek

Seek failure.

Cannot execute

Unable to execute the specified file.