Messaging error codesΒΆ

The interapplication messaging protocol defines the following error codes, which are compatible with ExtendScript error codes. Negative values indicate unrecoverable errors that cause ExtendScript to terminate a running script.

1 General error
8 Syntax error
20 Bad argument list
27 Stack overrun
-28 Out of memory
-29 Uncaught exception
31 Bad URI
32 Cannot perform requested action
-33 Internal error
-36 Not yet implemented
41 Range error
44 Cannot convert
47 Type mismatch
48 File or folder does not exist
49 File of folder already exists
50 I/O device is not open
51 Read past EOF
52 I/O error
53 Permission denied
54 JavaScript execution
56 Cannot connect
57 Cannot resolve reference
58 I/O timeout
59 No response