ScriptUI class

The globally available ScriptUI class provides central information about the ScriptUI module. This object is not instantiable.

ScriptUI class properties



Collects the enumerated values that can be used in the alignment and alignChildren properties of controls and containers, and in the alignment property used to set a control’s titleLayout property. Read only.

Use these constants to set the alignment. For example:

myGroup.alignment = [ScriptUI.Alignment.LEFT, ScriptUI.Alignment.TOP]

When you query the alignment property, it returns index values that correspond to the constants as shown. Constant values are:

  • ScriptUI.Alignment.TOP (1)
  • ScriptUI.Alignment.BOTTOM (2)
  • ScriptUI.Alignment.LEFT (3)
  • ScriptUI.Alignment.RIGHT (4)
  • ScriptUI.Alignment.FILL (5)
  • ScriptUI.Alignment.CENTER (6)



Collects the enumerated values that specify the default application fonts. The available fonts vary according to the application and system configuration.



An object whose properties are the names of compatibility modes supported by the host application. For example, the presence of ScriptUI.compatability.su1PanelCoordinates means that the application allows backward compatibility with the coordinate system of Panel elements in ScriptUI version 1.



The internal core version number of the ScriptUI components. Read only.



A JavaScript object that provides access to attributes of the ScriptUI environment; contains a Keyboard state object that reports the active state of the keyboard at any time, independent of the event-handling framework.

See: Environment object for more information.


A JavaScript object that contains one function,, which allows you to create event objects in order to simulate user-interaction events.



Collects the enumerated values that can be used as the style argument to the ScriptUI.newFont() method. For example:

var font = ScriptUI.newFont( 'Helvetica', ScriptUI.FontStyle.BOLD )

Read only. Values are:

  • BOLD



The name of the user-interface framework with which this ScriptUI component is compatible. Read only.



The main version number of the ScriptUI component framework. Read only.

ScriptUI class functions eventType )

The type of event, one of:
  • UIEvent
  • KeyboardEvent
  • MouseEvent

This function is in the JavaScript object contained in the events property. It returns an event object of the appropriate type:

  • A UIEvent base class encapsulates input event information for an event that propagates through a container and control hierarchy. This is a base class for the more specialized keyboard and mouse event types.
  • A KeyboardEvent object encapsulates information about keyboard input events.
  • A MouseEvent object encapsulates information about mouse events.

This object is passed to a function that you register to respond to events of a certain type that occur in a window or control. Use windowObj.addEventListener() or controlObj.addEventListener() to register a handler function. See Registering event listeners for windows or controls.


ScriptUI.getResourceText( text )

text The text to match.

Finds and returns the resource for a given text string from the host application’s resource data. If no string resource matches the given text, the text itself is returned.

Returns a String.


ScriptUI.newFont( name, style, size );

name The font or font family name string.
style The font style string or an enumerated value from ScriptUI.FontStyle
size The font size in points, a number.

Creates a new font object for use in text controls and titles.

Returns a ScriptUIFont object.


ScriptUI.newImage( normal, disabled, pressed, rollover );

normal The resource name or path to the image to use for the normal or default state.
disabled The resource name or path to the image to use for the disabled state, shown when the control containing the image is disabled (enabled=false).
pressed The resource name or path to the image to use for the pressed state, shown when the user clicks on the image.
rollover The resource name or path to the image to use for the rollover state, which is shown when the cursor moves over the image.

Creates a new image object for use in controls that can display images, loading the associated images from the specified resources or image files.

Returns a ScriptUIImage object.